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A 25-Year Fully Amortizing RV Park Loan With Only 10% Down

One of the most exciting tools in the RV park industry is the Small Business Administration (SBA) loan option. Under this program, the RV park buyer can get an SBA loan with as little as a 10% down payment, a low-interest rate, and a fully amortizing 25-year term.

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A Free Way To Hit Over 30 Million RV Park Customers!

“The Dyrt” is an RV park and campground site that offers users photos and customer reviews needed to make decisions on where to stay. Over the past decade, it has grown by word-of-mouth to over 30 million visitors per year.

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Looking For RV Park Management Software?

If you have an RV park – or even an RV section inside of a mobile home park – you know that it’s essential to have a state-of-the-art reservation system.

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Video From The Manager Of One Of Our RV Parks

One of the managers of our RV parks thought it would be fun to submit a video of her thoughts on the RV park industry and how it works. Here, for your review, is the video she sent us in unedited form. It’s a very interesting look at RV parks and what makes them work.

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Types of RV Parks with Heather Blankenship

In this episode of our “Heather’s Happenings” series, fellow RV Park owner and broker Heather Blankenship gives her thoughts on the types of RV parks and their respective pros and cons.

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Bruce Hurta From Ameris Talks All About RV Park Financing

Did you know that the SBA and USDA has small -business loan programs for RV parks that offer 25-year fully amortizing terms with as low as 10% down?

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Heather’s Happenings - Why RV Parks?

Heather Blankenship is one of the leading brokers of RV parks in the U.S., and with 2021 upon us, we asked her to give you some of her insights on what’s going in RV park listings right now. If you would like to contact her about the current listings of properties for sale, you can reach her at

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Destination RV Park Vs. An Overnighter RV Park

Frank explains the differences between destination RV Park and and overnighter RV Park.

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How To Build An Exceptional RV Park Entrance

Frank discusses the little things you can do to make you're RV Park's entrance outstanding with little cost.

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Everything You Need To Know About RV Park Investing In 3 Minutes

With 10,000 baby boomers retiring per day right now, the RV park business is a growth industry. And it can also offer not only a high rate of return, but a quality of life upgrade for many owners.

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