Heather’s Happenings - Why RV Parks?

Heather Blankenship is one of the leading brokers of RV parks in the U.S., and with 2021 upon us, we asked her to give you some of her insights on what’s going in RV park listings right now. If you would like to contact her about the current listings of properties for sale, you can reach her at [email protected].

And if you want to learn more about how to identify, evaluate, negotiate, perform due diligence on, renegotiate, finance, turn-around and operate RV parks, then consider our complete course on the RV park industry, written by the Frank & Dave – the 5th largest owners of RV and mobile home parks in the U.S. with over 20,000 lots in 28 states.

Happy New Year and now let’s get the year off on the right foot!