There’s good news:

In the next 8 minutes, You’ll discover the step-by-step process to building your own long-term, stable income with RV Park Ownership… even if you have NO experience whatsoever.

In this no fluff course, I’m showing you exactly how you can build your own RV Park Empire to create a positive cash flow investment…

For now… for retirement… and beyond.

Before I begin, a word of caution: owning and operating an RV park isn’t for everyone. If you’re looking for a quick investment with huge returns and no change to your daily life… this isn’t the opportunity for you.

But if you’re ready to make a change to your lifestyle… to step out of the cubicle and back into something that you can work with to grow and build… if you want to enjoy the “simpler things in life” and help others do the same thing…

If you’re ready to get out of the rat race once and for all…

Then consider what owning and operating an RV park could mean.

Instead of slaving away at a desk, you can enter the world of RV living - from part-time campers to full time RV enthusiasts… you’ll spend your days surrounded by people who are excited to be where you are.

You can play tour guide, helping families find the best hidden gems in your area.

You can choose your location - from serene nature settings to more fast-paced metro areas.

You can run your business the way you want - whether you want to live by the honor system or have strict policies in place.

The choice is completely yours when you own and operate an RV park…

And the best part is that it’s all 100% building YOUR dream and YOUR future… not the future of someone else.

Here’s the thing about RV Parks: they’re a lot of fun. Many of them can feel like a big backyard barbeque - families milling around, getting to know one another… long-time friends reuniting as they take vacations together year after year… an atmosphere of fun and relaxation, no matter where you are.

But even more than that… they’re a truly low-maintenance, easy way to grow your investment.

On average, an RV park will yield 10-20%+ on your money. In fact, they’re among the highest-yielding of all real estate assets. If your goal is to maximize the return on your investment… RV parks are a pretty good place to start.

What’s more - RV parks are at the center of a number of “megatrends” - big changes in America that have a huge effect on business.

  1. The aging of the Baby Boomers (those born between 1946 and 1964) who are retiring at the rate of 10,000 per day. On the list of many of these folks is buying an RV and traveling America…
  2. The rise of the Millennials (those in their 20s and 30s) who are taking to RV travel due to its simplicity and family bonding potential…
  3. The reduction in gasoline prices (RVs have big fuel tanks)…
  4. The low level of bank interest rates….
  5. The better designs, gas mileage and price points of modern RVs.

Can you get more positive megatrends than that in one sector? Doubtful.

But let’s add one more:

Every day, the biological clock is advancing for the mom & pop owners of RV parks from coast to coast. This means that they are becoming more motivated to sell, as they have health issues and just a general loss of interest in the business. And since they have no debt, they can get extremely aggressive on price and even carry the financing.

All of the great buys I and my partner Dave have ever made have come from mom & pop sellers, and once they have been replaced with new corporate owners, the opportunity is gone forever.

Plainly put: if you’re ready to get out of the rat race and start living life on your terms, RV parks are the place to do it.

Because of that, Dave and I have put together the last resource you’ll ever need to learn how to find, buy, operate and even sell an RV park for profits.

Before I get into that, though, let me introduce myself.

My name is Frank Rolfe and I’ve been a commercial real estate investor for nearly 30 years. My personal real estate portfolio is over $800 million of RV parks, self-storage facilities, mobile home parks (5th largest owner in the U.S.), billboards (formerly the largest private owner in Dallas/Ft Worth), apartments, and shopping centers throughout the U.S.

I’ve teamed up with one of the smartest men I know, Dave Reynolds, who bought his first RV park in 1995 with cash advances on his credit cards while he was still in graduate school. He flipped his second park purchase in about a month for a $150k profit… and then began operating a nationwide listing site for Mobile Home and RV parks while he kept buying and selling parks. He has purchased over 50 parks and currently owns 16… which means he’s seen just about every type of transaction there is to see.

And now you have access to our combined knowledge to help you invest in RV parks for yourself.

In The RV Park Investing Home Study Course, Dave and I are pulling back the curtain to show you everything we’ve learned over the last 60+ combined years of buying, operating, and selling RV parks so you can jump start your way to profit.
Here’s what you’ll get:

First, you’ll get The RV Park Investing Home Course Manual. This manual, an incredible 329 pages in length, will show you exactly how to find, secure and profit from RV parks.

You'll Discover:

  • The difference between a mobile home park and an RV park (so you can make an informed decision about the profit center you want to build for yourself)…
  • The 4 types of RV parks that you can consider for yourself (and which one is probably not your best bet right off the bat… if ever.)
  • How to cold-call a park owner (and what NOT to do!) to find the untapped gems that nobody else even knows are for sale…
  • How to value an RV park so you always get the biggest bang for your buck and don’t get taken by an overzealous seller…
  • How to negotiate - and renegotiate - so you can land on a win-win situation almost every time… and even more, when to walk away when it’s just not going to work…
  • The 54-point Due Diligence checklist that you should do on every single purchase - BEFORE you sign a single document - that will help you protect your investment…
  • How to manage your new park… owner-operator vs. manager (and where to find a manager if you choose that route)… and how to protect yourself from manager-gone-bad…
  • How to increase the value and profitability of your RV park (to prepare for a sale or long-term investment)…
  • Even how to build an RV park buying team when you’re ready to go global and build your empire!

This manual has a value of over $997.00 on its own and is by far the definitive guide to creating your own RV park business from scratch… but it’s only ONE of the components of my RV Park Investing Home Course.

I’m also going to give you my 276-page 30 Days Of Successful Due Diligence Manual.

See, here’s the thing: Due Diligence is what makes or breaks a successful deal. Dave got lucky on his first 2 transactions - he didn’t get screwed because he didn’t have information he should have (even though his first transaction got a little dicey at the settlement table…).

But not every transaction runs smoothly. And doing your due diligence could save you thousands of dollars or hours of anguish. (Dave even says that doing his due diligence could have saved him at least $15k on his very first deal… but instead, he had to put that money on his credit cards.)

In this manual, I take you through doing your due diligence in one single month. Each day you will complete between 1-6 tasks, which makes your due diligence easier to manage because it’s broken down into chunks.

For example, on day eight you will:

I’m walking you through each step, piece by piece, so that your due diligence is completely finished within 30 short days.

Look, I know it can be daunting to do this part. That’s why I break it down for you into manageable chunks so you don’t feel like you have to tackle every single piece at the same time.

And of course I’m going to explain each step, give you whatever formulas or scripts or information you need, and make sure you fully understand what it is you need to do to be successful.

Like I said earlier: due diligence is the one thing that can make or break you. That’s why it’s so important that this guide is included in The RV Park Investing Home Course. Without it, you’re flying blind.

Now, you could hire a consulting firm to handle the due diligence step for you… and even if you spent $5,000.00 or more, it would be a wise investment. And I’d frankly be justified in charging $1,497.00 for the instructions on how to do this part of the process on your own.

But since I’ve laid everything out for you step-by-step (and you’re not afraid of a little bit of hard work), you don’t have to spend $5,000.00 or even $1,500.00 for this information. It’s all included in The RV Park Investment Home Study Course.

With these two manuals, you will have everything you need to begin finding, buying, and profiting from an RV park in your future. And the second you close on your first (or next) RV park, you’ll know that $497 is more than a reasonable investment for the step that could change your life.

The RV Park Investing Home Study Course

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But of course, I’m not going to just leave it there.

I’m also throwing in FOUR Success Booster Bonuses to make your success virtually foolproof:

Success Booster Bonus #1: 19 QuickStart Audios

These 19 audios are going to give you some basics that are taught in the manual… but instead of reading the information, you’re going to be able to load these up to your computer, phone, or mp3 player and listen on the go.

What if you could spend your commute or workout listening to me talk in a very casual way about some of the biggest things you’re going to need to know out of the entire RV Park Investing Home Course?

  • Recording 1 - How to Buy - General
  • Recording 2 - How to Buy - General
  • Recording 3 - How to Buy - General and Due Diligence
  • Recording 4 - Due Diligence
  • Recording 5 - Due Diligence & Parts of a Contract
  • Recording 6 - Contract - Closing - Valuation of RV Parks
  • Recording 7 - Valuation of RV Parks
  • Recording 8 - Valuation & Examples
  • Recording 9 - Valuation Example, Spreadsheet, Average Expenses, Minimizing Expenses
  • Recording 10 - Managers & Employees
  • Recording 11 - Cashing in on Operations - Other Income Types
  • Recording 12 - Signage - Park Desirability - Rules - CapX & Repairs
  • Recording 13 - CapX & Repairs - How to Sell, Where to List it, Broker or No Broker
  • Recording 14 - How to Sell - Examples, Grooming to Sell, Pricing, Being Easy to Buy From
  • Recording 15 - How to Sell - Who is your Buyer, Who is your Lender, Seller Financing, Lease Options, Accurate Records
  • Recording 16 - Closing Considerations - RV Park Turnaround Thoughts
  • Recording 17 - Turnaround Topics & Other Catastrophic Problems
  • Recording 18 - Franchise Agreements, Building RV Parks, Final Thoughts
  • Recording 19 - RV Park Insurance

And what’s more… I’m also going to give you the transcripts of each recording so you can highlight, take notes, or simply read them on your own time.

These audios and transcripts could easily sell for $697 on their own, but they’re yours FREE with The RV Park Investing Home Course.

Success Booster Bonus #2: 11 QuickStart VIDEOS

Sometimes, reading or listening just isn’t going to cut it. Maybe you learn better when you can watch someone draw out the information on video for you.

So I’ve put together 11 QuickStart Videos that you can watch anywhere - on your computer, in your DVD player, or even on your phone at the gym.

We’ll cover:

  • How to evaluate an RV Park
  • How to finance an RV Park
  • How to find an RV Park to buy
  • How to negotiate your RV park purchase
  • How to operate your RV park purchase
  • How to perform your due diligence
  • How to turnaround your RV park
  • And even more in these 11 videos.
Video Screenshot

I could charge $497 for these videos alone - after all, they’re covering everything you need to know to get started right now. But they’re yours FREE as a bonus when you invest in the RV Park Investing Home Course.

Success Booster Bonus #3: Editable Forms & Documents

Even though I’m giving you samples and checklists and resources throughout the 599 pages of manuals that I’ve already told you about… I’m also going to give you some separate, editable files that you can use to prep your deals and run your business.

You’ll get:

  • The Closing Worksheet
  • Due Diligence Seller Information Request Form
  • Due Diligence Day-by-Day Cost Worksheet
  • Due Diligence Checklist
  • Business Plan & Loan Request Letter
  • RV Park Value Estimation Checklist
  • RV Lot Lease Agreement
  • 2 P&L Worksheets
  • RV Park Purchase Contract
Contract Image

Whenever you need to use one of these, simply open it on your computer and it’s 100% customizable.

If you were to get the 3 contracts from an attorney, you could easily pay a thousand dollars or more in legal fees. And that’s not including all the extra worksheets I’ve included here.

But all 11 documents are yours completely FREE with The RV Park Investing Home Course.

Success Booster Bonus #4: INSTANT Downloadable Versions

Product shot on computer mockup

The RV Park Investing Home Course is a physical product - the manuals, CDs and DVDs will be shipped directly to your address when you click the checkout button below

But because I know you’re ready to get started RIGHT AWAY, you will get a link to download all the files immediately

But even more than that… this will ensure that you always have access to the information in these manuals, audios and videos, no matter what.

Basement floods and the manuals are ruined? No problem - you’ve got the PDFs saved on your computer!

Want to upload the audios to your mp3 player and take them on the road with you? It’s easy when they’re already digitally available for you.

My goal is to make this process as easy and foolproof as possible for you.

Here’s why:

You should not have to work yourself to the bone for someone else’s dream.

It’s really that simple.

When you work for someone else - when you trade your 40-hours a week for a paycheck and let someone else make the decisions - you no longer have the full control over your own destiny.

And if you’re reading this far… chances are, you want better for yourself. You want a retirement that you look forward to. A legacy you can leave to your kids or grandkids. Or even just a better way to spend your time than stuck inside wearing uncomfortable clothes doing the same thing day in and day out.

And whether you choose to own just one RV park and operate it as a mom-and-pop type of business or you’re ready to begin your own empire… it should be completely up to you.

If I can do my part by putting this information in your hands, then I owe it to myself to make it affordable for you to do so. (But I can’t give it away, because then everyone would have access to it and that would create unfair competition.)

That’s why I’ve set the investment for the ENTIRE RV Park Investing Home Course at just $497.

That includes:

  1. The 329 Page RV Park Investing Home Course Manual ($997.00 Value)
  2. The 226 Page 30 Days Of Successful Due Diligence Manual ($1,497.00 Value)
  3. Success Booster Bonus #1: 19 QuickStart Audios & Transcripts ($697.00 Value)
  4. Success Booster Bonus #2: 11 QuickStart VIDEOS ($497.00 Value)
  5. Success Booster Bonus #3: Editable Forms & Documents ($1,000.00 Value)
  6. And don’t forget Success Booster Bonus #4: INSTANT Downloadable Versions of everything listed above! (PRICELESS!)

That’s a total value of $4,688.00+…
and it’s all yours for just $497.

The RV Park Investing Home Study Course

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There is one thing you won’t find in The RV Park Investing Home Study Course… and that’s an upsell to another product or hidden information that you have to pay extra for.

This is NOT designed to leave you hanging in the hopes you’ll pay more later. You will get every single detail you need to find, purchase and operate an RV park within The RV Park Investing Home Course.

In fact, I’m so sure you’re going to find immense value in this that I guarantee it for a full 90-Days with my 100% Any-Reason Money Back Guarantee:

rv park course Guarantee

Look, I’m not promising that it will be easy. If it was, there wouldn’t be a shortage of buyers and sellers would be controlling the market. There would be new RV parks popping up left and right.

But I do know how much money is out there just waiting for you to take it. I know how profitable these investments are - after all, I own several RV parks myself.

Are you ready to finally take the rest of your life by the horns and build something for yourself for once?

Are you ready to have an investment that blows the stock market out of the water? (Remember, we’re talking 10-20%+ returns!)

Just click the big orange button below, fill out your information, and you’ll be immediately taken to the download area where you can get your resources.

Don’t wait and spend one more minute working to build someone else’s future when you could be focused on yours.

The RV Park Investing Home Study Course

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Dedicated to your success,

Frank Rolfe

P.S. Remember, RV parks are at the center of a number of megatrends. So NOW is the time to act and take advantage of all the circumstances that will help you be successful:

You couldn’t ask for a better time to own an RV park.

Are you ready?

The RV Park Investing Home Study Course

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