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Welcome to the RV Park Mastery Podcast where you will learn how to identify, evaluate, negotiate, perform due diligence on, finance, turn-around and operate RV parks! Your host is Frank Rolfe, the 5th largest mobile home/RV park owner in the United State with his partner Dave Reynolds.

Episode 99: Seller Note Pressure Points
Episode 98: Should You Sell Or Refinance?
Episode 97: What The Success Of Els Suggests About This Sector’s Future
Episode 95: Never Pay Managers With Equity
Episode 93: All About Seller Tax Returns
Episode 92: The Art Of Finding Contractors
Episode 92: A Sanity Check
Episode 91: How To Deal With The Next Generation
Episode 90: A Simple Statistic That Explains It All
Episode 90: Understanding How You Get Paid Twice
Episode 89: Five Ways To Boost Occupancy Right Now
Episode 88: The Return Of Deal-Making Creativity
Episode 87: Why RV Parks Do Fine In Recessions
Episode 86: Non-refundable Earnest Money? Just Say No
Episode 85: How To Set Seller Note Interest Rates
Episode 84: How To Disarm Bad Managers
Episode 83: The Science Behind Making First Offers
Episode 82: All About Online Listings
Episode 81: Income Stability Success From Adding Park Models
Episode 80: What Happens To RV Parks In National Recessions?
Episode 79: The Options When A Seller Wants Out Of Their Contract
Episode 78: Property Tax Strategies
Episode 77: The Importance Of Neutrality
Episode 76: Don’t Trust Others With Your Direct Mail Future
Episode 75: The Three C’s Of Numerical Analysis
Episode 74: The Options When You And The Seller Can’t Agree On A Price
Episode 73: Lucky Or Smart
Episode 72: Creating Seller Urgency
Episode 71: Watch Out For The Interaction Between Managers And Contractors
Episode 70: The Meaning And Impact of Insufficient Financials
Episode 69: Is A Lifetime Manager Possible?
Episode 68: Understanding And Embracing Risk
Episode 67: Using Higher Interest Rates as a Tool to Get Seller Carry
Episode 66: Behind Closed Doors On Your Loan Request
Episode 65: How To Get An Extension
Episode 64: Freedom From Fear
Episode 63: If You Can’t Trust Your Information Then You Can’t Trust Your Decisions
Episode 62: What To Do When The Asking Price Is Just Fine
Episode 61: The Benefits of Bad Brokers
Episode 60: How To Make A Seller Sell
Episode 59: How To Make Low But Not Insulting Offers
Episode 58: Bonding With Your Lender
Episode 57: Consultative Vs. Adversarial Deal Making
Episode 56: Lender Etiquette
Episode 55: Extended Stay Equals Extended Stability
Episode 54: Big, Small And Everything In-Between
Episode 53: Who’s Your Buddy? Better Not Be Your Manager
Episode 52: Is It Time For Uniforms?
Episode 51: Significant Vs. Trivial
Episode 50: How To Cure Your Fear of Cold-Calling RV Park Owners
Episode 49: A Guide To Making Offers
Episode 48: Growing Your Business – Literally
Episode 47: Understanding Payroll
Episode 46: Science Isn’t Just For NASA
Episode 45: Hard Money Vs. Bank Debt Vs. Capital Partner
Episode 44: Where The Really Good Deals Are
Episode 43: What Does Opportunity Look Like?
Episode 42: Do You Really Have The Passion?
Episode 41: Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Annually – Why Not All Four?
Episode 40: Raising Capital For Down Payments
Episode 39: Thoughts On Extending Your Season
Episode 38: Everything Old Is New Again – The Return Of Glamping
Episode 37: Is RV Park Investing Too Good To Be True?
Episode 36: Simple Steps To Managing Your Manager
Episode 35: The Power Of Harnessing Customer Feedback
Episode 34: The Problem With Overnighter Properties
Episode 33: Why Bankers Love Pessimists
Episode 32: Trees 101
Episode 31: Successfully Structuring Partnerships
Episode 30: An Update On The Art of Negotiating
Episode 29: Making A Low Offer Without Being Insulting
Episode 28: When Should You Start Refinancing?
Episode 27: No Pain No Gain
Episode 26: What Happens When A Seller Refuses To Share Their Tax Returns?
Episode 25: The Dangers of Bad Employees
Episode 24: Understanding The Impact of Inflation on RV Park Investing
Episode 23: Lessons Learned From Failed RV Parks
Episode 22: Understanding Mom And Pop Sellers
Episode 21: Options For Greater Income Stability
Episode 20: Should You Self-Manage?
Episode 19: The Government Really Wants You To Buy An RV Park - So Let Them
Episode 18: Signs, Signs, Everywhere A Sign
Episode 17: The Simple Way To Make Good Decisions On Buying An RV Park
Episode 16: White Lab Coats Needed
Episode 15: RVP Appraisals
Episode 14: All About Contracts
Episode 13: Gypsy Traveler
Episode 12: Enough But Not Too Much Adequate Cushion In Budgeting
Episode 11: The Anatomy Of Zero Down Deals
Episode 10: The Impact of The Presidential Election on RV Parks
Episode 9: Lessons Learned From My Pinball Machine
Episode 8: How Big Is Big Enough?
Episode 7: How To Think Like A Banker
Episode 6: The Top 3 Action Steps To Being A Smarter RV Park Seller
Episode 5: The Top 3 Action Steps To Being A Smarter RV Park Operator
Episode 4: The Top 3 Action Steps To Being A Smarter RV Park Buyer
Episode 3: Types of Debt and How to Get Them
Episode 2: RV Park Rates of Return Explained
Episode 1: Why Invest In An RV Park?