The October 2020 RV Park Investing Newsletter

Don’t Let An Attorney Control Your RV Park Future

Attorneys can be an important piece of your arsenal of weapons when you have a problem or in deciphering a complicated contract. But they can also be a disaster when it comes to making RV park deals if you cede control to them. Here’s how an attorney can go from a help to a hindrance with an RV park purchase if you don’t keep adequate controls over them

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RV Park Mastery Podcast: Episode 12 - Enough But Not Too Much Adequate Cushion In Budgeting

“You can never be too rich or too thin” is a popular expression. However, that’s just not a reasonable goal for most investors. While it’s great to have a safety cushion, it’s unreasonable for that cushion to be limitless.

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Getting Along With RV Park Brokers

When you’re looking at buying an RV park, one of the key ways to develop sizable deal flow is to work with the various industry brokers. Of the deals we’ve bought over the past 25 years, the majority came from brokers, with the balance a mixture of on-line listings, cold calling and direct mail. So how can you do a better job of developing a broker base and increase your deal flow with them?

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Why RV Parks Trade At Around 2 Points Higher Cap Rates Than Mobile Home Parks - And How To Use That As A Tool To Make Better Buys If An RV Park Is Your Goal

RV parks and mobile home parks used to be the same thing. About a half-century ago. But since that time, both have created their own business model with little shared between the two. And one big difference is that many RV parks have a 2-point higher cap rate – but potentially for good cause. However, this issue can be used to your advantage if you buy the right RV park.

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The Five Things That Make You Attractive To Banks

Most Americans will spend thousands of dollars per year – and hundreds of hours – to improve their appearance and attractiveness. Yet virtually nobody spends much time thinking about how to appeal to their local lender. Indeed, if you want to buy an RV park it’s vital that you know how to be attractive to banks in a manner that will make them want to make the loan. So what can you do to increase your attractiveness?

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RV Park Mastery Podcast: Episode 11 - The Anatomy Of Zero Down Deals

Most RV park deals are built on the framework of 20% to 30% down payment on the price of the property. However, sometimes you can go lower. Much lower. In this RV Park Mastery podcast we’re going to discuss how “zero down” or “low down” deals come to be, and what the tools and traits are to make these deals possible. We’ve done around twelve “zero down” deals and we have identified four characteristics that make these a viable alternative to traditional financing.

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