The November 2020 RV Park Investing Newsletter

The Three Types Of RV Parks And How They Are Faring Today

There are basically three types of RV parks in the U.S. today: “overnight”, “destination” and “extended stay”. Each has a different niche, and all niches are not created equal, so the question is which of these three is best positioned going forward? Here would be our analysis.

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The Immediate Profit Playbook For An RV Park

The RV park business model is fairly simple, yet too many investors don’t understand the mechanics and therefore miss the entire opportunity. With traditional investing faltering as a result of Covid-19, alternative investing is far more profitable – but only if you understand how it works. So here’s the plan to make money with an RV park.

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RV Park Mastery Podcast: Episode 14 - All About Contracts

We hope that all sellers abide by “my word is my bond” but we all know that’s rarely the case. Instead, we have to write lengthy legal contracts to ensure that things go as planned. And one key component to any RV park purchase contract is the “specific performance” provision.

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All About RV Park Water Wells

Due to their locations, many RV parks – but not all – receive their drinking water supply from a well. And there is a huge amount of false assumptions that most Americans have regarding these wells and how they work, as well as what can go wrong with them. So what’s the truth about RV park water wells?

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RV Park Mastery Podcast: Episode 13 - Gypsy Traveler

When I first got into the business, I was told about the “gypsy traveler” RV park scam. And recently I have been getting calls from people who were unaware of this age-old way to part a fool and their money. In this episode of the RV Park Mastery podcast we’re going to review what a “gypsy traveler” scam is, how to watch out for them, why they work on unsuspecting buyers, and how to make sure your deal is real and not a forgery.

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