The May 2020 RV Park Investing Newsletter

Taking a Healthy Assessment of RV Park Supply in the U.S.

When you’re trying to buy an RV park, it seems like they are a scarce commodity. When you are trying to sell one you think they’re everywhere. The truth is somewhere in the middle. However, there are many outside observers who have a vested interest in convincing you of these polar opposites. So what’s the truth about RV park supply in the U.S., and what does it all mean?

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What Do RV Park Owners Worry About - And How Do They Mitigate It?

Owning an RV park can be a great experience, but just like any endeavor there are risks to consider. Despite the strongest RV sales in U.S. history – and many more years of strength projected – there are things to be concerned about. So what do RV park owners worry about? And how do they protect against these issues?

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RV Parks and COVID-19: Opportunities and Problems

RV parks have been around for 100 years, but they have only been subjected to the Covid-19 pandemic for a couple months. And in just that short amount of time there are some observations that are of importance to both current owners of RV parks as well as potential buyers. So what are some of the opportunities and problems presented by Covid-19 regarding RV park investing?

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