Things You Can Do To Make Your Rv Park Hook-Ups Easier

Plumbers are popular because they deal in subjects that nobody wants to talk about or get involved with, namely the realities of water and sewage. However, for all RV parks it’s a fact of life that one of your most important attractions to the customer is access to working water, sewer and electricity (and let’s not forget internet in some better properties). So how can you make hooking up the utilities easier and more pleasant for both customers and yourself?


The key item on a pleasurable water connection is the ability to easily turn it on and off, once connected. Make sure that all valves are in good operational shape and can be easily turned by hand. There is nothing more awkward and frustrating than straining to turn on the water valve – and is a terrible way to get off on the right foot with your property. If a valve is starting to be extremely difficult to maneuver, it’s time for a replacement.


Most RV parks come in two styles: 1) individual sewer connections on each lot and 2) a central dump station for all RVs. If your RV park utilizes a dump station, it’s important that you keep this area easy to access and extremely clean. Make sure that the connection is close enough to the area the RV pulls up into that it can be easily reached. Also keep this area well-lighted for the convenience of customers who arrive late (or early) before the sun is up. Make sure there’s a bollard to protect the connection from being run over by a customer.


Electricity for most RVs is as simple as plug and play – you just stick in the cord and you’re ready to go. However, customer RVs can come in two different power alignments: 1) 30 amp (three prongs) and 2) 50 amp (four prongs). As a result, it’s smart for the RV park owner to have on hand power converters that allow customers to plug in regardless of their RV’s power needs. You can imagine that you will not have happy customers with no air-conditioning or TV, so that adaptor can be essential in many cases.


The whole RV park industry is going for total connectivity, and having working wifi is a huge plus for virtually all customers (it currently ranks as the 5th most important RV park amenity in a consumer study). There are many companies that offer specific wifi systems for RV park usage. If you don’t have this amenity at this point, get it. And make sure to keep it easy to get online. Print your password on a sheet of paper and hand it to every customer who checks in – don’t make them write it down or memorize it. It will save you – and your customer – a lot of frustration.


RV parks are more than just amenities – they are also a source for needed utilities. Make sure that you provide what’s needed in a simple-to-use format and your customers will reward you with high reviews and repeat business.

Frank Rolfe has been an active investor in RV parks for nearly two decades. As a result of his large collection of RV and mobile home parks, he has amassed a virtual reference book of knowledge on what makes for a successful RV park investment, as well as the potential pitfalls that destroy many investors.