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June 1st, 2014

Memo From Frank & Dave

Everything is in place for this to be one of the best summers on record for RV park occupancy and revenue. A severe winter has created pent up demand for outdoor fun, and the growing number of retired Baby Boomers taking to the road has created a powerful storm of customers out looking for somewhere to park their RV. As always, destination RV parks will show the greatest increases, with overnight RV parks still destined to show higher numbers this year. Right now, it’s 70 degrees outside and sunny. Let’s hope that temperatures remain mild and we can get in plenty of great months before winter approaches again.

Retiring With An RV Park Vs. The Normal Plan

Bond Rates

The standard, textbook American retirement plan is a farce. Here are the current stats for U.S. retirees: 1) average social security payment of $14,400 per year 2) savings of $88,000 on average and 3) little or no pensions for 70% of retirees. On top of that, interest rates are at historic lows, with CDs around 1% and junk bonds under 4%. So how can you have a decent retirement given these facts?

RV parks offer extremely high returns

If you can buy an RV park at a 10% “cap rate” (the financial return on the entire investment) and finance it with 20% down at 5% interest (the going rate with banks), you will have a 20% cash-on-cash return on your investment. This is pretty standard fare – not a one in a million shot. That’s twenty times more income than you would get in a CD right now, and five times more than a junk bond. But that’s only part of the story. An RV park, properly bought and managed, will also create a substantial cash flow from regular operations. If you can buy a property at a 50% occupancy rate and boost it to 75%, your returns go up by 50%. Traditional stock and bonds offer nothing neat this high in returns. Not even close. You actually can retire comfortably with an RV park when all traditional methods yield only poverty.

RV parks are on the right side of the “megatrends”

And the timing of RV parks couldn’t be better. There are 10,000 Baby Boomers per day retiring in the U.S. And a huge portion of those are going to buy and use an RV to enjoy their retirement years. That’s why RV sales in the U.S. have been skyrocketing – up almost 30% in recent years. This trend will continue for over two decades, experts predict. This is a huge megatrend, and one that rewards the RV park owner daily.

RV parks offer a rewarding lifestyle

When you own an RV park, you get to wear many hats – and most of those are enjoyable. You get to be a travel agent, a philosopher, a salesman, an executive, a problem-solver, and an outdoorsman, all within the span of about 8 hours a day. You get to be the mayor of your town, and you call all the shots. We hear from many RV park owners “I’d do this for free, and I can’t believe I’m making money with it”. Indeed, if you get bored easily and want to multi-task, then an RV park is perfect. But even if you want to slow things down, you can always hire an assistant and just work the amount that you want to. The key ingredients are that you answer to no one but yourself, and your daily setting is beautiful.


Owning an RV park can make for the ideal retirement set-up. Millions of retirees do not know that such an option exists. Don’t let this be you. An RV park is the perfect bridge from working to retirement, and can save a hopeless financial situation in an exciting and fun way. Give it some consideration and see for yourself.

And The Winner Is...

Here are the top selling makes and models for 2013, by class:

  • Fifth Wheel: The Keystone Montana
  • Travel Trailer: Jayco’s Jay Flight
  • Motorhome: Tiffin’s Phaeton

It’s important to note that all three of these brands began as lower price-point offerings that then developed into leaders in value for the dollar. For example, Jayco’s Jay Flight began as a entry-level product that has remained strong with first time buyers, but has also been accepted as the bread-and-butter standard for value among repeat customers.

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