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December 1st, 2016

Memo From Frank & Dave

The Holiday Season is a special time of year that is focused on friends and family. And that goal can be continued year round by investing in an RV park for several reasons:

  • The financial security and income stream can be used for more family vacations and bonding.
  • The lifestyle enhancement of owning an RV park and becoming your own boss and setting your own hours – with a focus on spending time with your family.
  • The ability to build an empire and have your children work with you.

The modern lifestyle does not leave much time for what’s the most important thing of all: family. Owning an RV park is all about taking back control of your life and your investments, and focusing on what’s important to you. And that’s the Christmas gift that keeps on giving year round.

We would like to take this opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

What’s Wrong With This Photo?

rv park frontage

This is a photo of a large RV park in Missouri, with prime frontage on an Interstate Highway. So what’s missing from this photo? This park has absolutely no appeal, nor does it even draw attention to the fact that it exists. So how would you improve this photo?

Inflatables and flags

There is no excuse these days for not having attention-getting flags and inflatables at the front of your property. There are many sources of these items on-line, such as this website http://skydancers.com/ . With feather flags as inexpensive as $25 – and hundreds of other items under $500 – the return on investment from making your frontage “pop” is gigantic.

White vinyl fencing

Another great way to call attention to your frontage is to dress it up with some white vinyl three-rail fencing down the highway right-of-way. This bright white fencing offers a great contrast with the green grass and shrubs, and will immediately make the RV driver take notice and ask “wait, what is that”? Another great thing about white vinyl fencing is that it’s not that expensive and you can actually built it yourself with a small amount of skill.


One terrible shame of this photo is the fact that the RV park has no signage at all. At a minimum, it needs a huge RV sign out front, and even better would be the park’s name and RV. Don’t forget that the most-attention color in outdoor signage is red with white letters. That’s the result of a strange wrinkle in the human brain that makes us seek out the reverse of the color we see. Since the predominant outdoor color is green, the color opposite is red. If you look around, you will notice that Wendy’s, McDonald’s, Texaco, and many other companies use red in their signs. It’s not by accident.


One final item that this RV park is missing is some signage to direct traffic prior to the exit. At the point that you can see the RV park, it’s too late to exit, and many customers are just going to continue down the road rather than turn around. So it’s always good to have signage well ahead of your exit. But what if you can’t afford a conventional billboard? Then get creative. Maybe buy a non-running motorhome, get an agreement from the property owner prior to the exit, and put a vinyl graphic on it with a large “RV PARK EXIT NOW” on the side.


You can’t let traffic just drive by your property and not even know you exist. You have to use your frontage as a giant salesman to bring traffic in the door. Don’t be like this owner – you need to grab attention and convert that into revenue.

RV Park Home Study Course

rv park home study course

Our Home Study Course is not like anything you have ever listened to or read before. We do not fill it with a bunch of fluff on how your are going to make a million bucks with no money down. We tell you the whole story... the good, the bad, and the sometimes ugly.

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Unusual 900 Horsepower Winnebago

900 HP Winnebago RV

900 HP Winnebago RV

We recently found this item in a prominent magazine. It’s a 900 horsepower custom-built 1972 Winnebago. It has the same engine power as a Ferrari F-550, and resembles a man-cave on wheels. Although it’s not for everyone, this model demonstrates the fact that RVs have become a American cultural icon. And, in this case, a very fast one.

How To Build A Great Logo Very Inexpensively

rv park sculpture

Every successful RV Park needs a great logo. Everyone knows this. But many owners are unaware that they can now have a terrific logo created very inexpensively using resources available on the internet. So here’s how to create a very professional – and very inexpensive – logo from scratch.

Step 1: Define what should be in the logo

A good logo incorporates some portion of your sales pitch. It should have the name of your RV Park, or its greatest sales pitch. You can’t start the process of creating a logo until you have the pieces. Make a list of the top attributes of your property as well as the name. Those are your building blocks.

Step 2: Find a graphic artist on-line

We constantly use sites such as fiverr.com or 99designs.com to get graphic design work done. The designers are typically from foreign countries and do great work for extremely low cost. You can also get multiple designers and choose from the best designs.

Step 3: Refine their work

One of the biggest downfalls of these types of sites is that the designers usually have English as a second language. When working to refine your final design through the language barrier, remember to communicate as clearly as possible. And be patient as it may take them several revisions to put your exact vision together.

Step 4: Approve the final version and take ownership of the files

Once you get the final design completed, make sure to get the final design files in multiple usable file formats including in Adobe Illustrator and/or SVG. These formats allow the logo to be scaled and used on your smallest and largest marketing materials without looking pixelated.


Getting a logo created for your company or property doesn’t have to be a scary or expensive process. With all the tools created in the last few years, it can be easy, exciting and really fun to see your vision come together in the end.

Draw Attention On A Budget

rv park advertising race car

It’s amazing how effective a special object can be to draw attention to your RV park. But many RV park owners are unaware of how inexpensive you can create these items, if you are a smart shopper. So how can you create the type of special attraction that people will talk about?

Transportation Items

People of all ages are fascinated by transportation items. These include airplanes, railroad cars, race cars, boats, tanks – anything you can think of. To buy these at reasonable prices you need to seek out those that 1) do not work 2) are not collectible 3) are damaged and 4) are located nearby. So how do you find a used airplane suitable for yard art? Of course, the answer is on-line. You will be amazed out how many of these items are available as salvage, and how low the prices are. The big catch, of course, is delivery. As a result, to make a good buy you will need to not only find a cheap, salvage unit, but also one that is relatively nearby to make the delivery cost reasonable.

Novelty Items

These are things like “the world’s biggest rocking chair” – items that are homemade and of tongue-in-cheek legend. There is no limitation here, and there is no group that actually verifies these claims (although you can refer to Guinness Book of World Records if you want accuracy). Just take a household item or something from your imagination and build the “biggest in the World” of it. It’s not very expensive to build the “World’s Biggest Spatula”.

Cartoon Items

These concepts range from cartoon characters (but do not violate any copyrights) or animals or “giants” made from a range of materials. A concrete dinosaur or a giant 30’ tall man made crudely from scrap iron parts will definitely work. Some of these items can be found pre-built on-line, such as old Route 66 items and giant muffler men from Midas. It’s best if you can use regional or local themes, such as a giant version of a brown bear in Missouri, or a giant acorn if you are in an area with a lot of trees.


A great way to draw attention to your property is with a major display piece that customers will talk about. If you are creative and a great shopper, you can create this opportunity on a limited budget.

Million Dollar RV’s Selling Strong

lego rv park

lego rv park

lego rv park

lego rv park

$1 million RVs? $2 million RVs? $3 million RVs? These are photos of just that – RVs that range from $1 million to $3 million. There’s no actual industry stats on how many of these are sold each year, but it’s definitely been accelerating. The reason? There are over 10,000 baby boomers retiring each day in the U.S. and some of these folks are very affluent and want to travel America in style. Many of these affluent retirees view a $2 million RV as more practical than a $2 million vacation home, and one that they can not only spend more nights in per year but that they can re-position to any location they want to be in, as opposed to being stuck in one static spot with a traditional vacation home.

Why I Volunteer (And You Should Too)

frank rolfe volunteer

I belong to the Lion’s Club. It’s an organization that raises money to give glasses to needy children with eyesight issues. I also have served on the School Board and Landmark’s Commission in my small town in Missouri. I would urge you to be a volunteer in 2017. Here are the benefits to putting out the time and energy for the sake of a cause.

Supporting a good cause

There are a huge number of volunteer organizations that support a wide range of causes. Find something that you can connect with really support the end goal. Every time I spend the day cooking hotdogs or manning the booth at some event, I think about how many kids who can’t see well who will receive glasses with every dollar coming in. Whether you want to help kids or the environment, there are causes for just about any interest.

Making friends

Volunteer organizations are a great place to make friends. You already have one thing in common: you donate your time for that cause. Since most volunteer groups draw from a wide circle of people, you will normally meet people you have never seen before. And you build an immediate camaraderie from cooking hot dogs or whatever you’re fundraising project is.

Having new experiences

Prior to being a volunteer I had never served beer from a tap, cooked hot dogs, cooked pork burgers, or directed traffic. Now I have a new set of skills, such as building a tent and commercial food preparation. It’s actually pretty interesting to do things I’ve never done before, and rarely do the same thing at every event.


Christmas is about giving. So think about giving back to your community and become a volunteer.

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