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December 1st, 2015

Memo From Frank & Dave

What do many adults want for Christmas? An RV park. If you are tired of your day job and want to have a high quality of life where you are your own boss, then an RV park offers a rewarding life both financially and spiritually. If you are unhappy with your day job and want to take control of your future, or you are entering retirement and want to have a diverse number of activities each day, with at least half of them in the out of doors – while at the same time making a superior return on your financial investment – then an RV park might just make the ideal Christmas gift this year. Merry Christmas!

The Future Of Interest Rates: Direct From The Federal Reserve

US Capital Under Constructions

We were at a speech recently given by Charles Evans, the President and CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. When the Fed speaks, people listen, and we are no different. What he had to say has an impact on every RV park owner and buyer, so it’s good to know what the future holds.

Yes, rates are going to go up eventually

The “Great Recession” is in its 8th straight year, and the Fed has kept interest rates at near 0% throughout the whole ordeal. Most Americans have just come to expect that 0% is the new norm, since the U.S. economy never seems to get any traction on improvement. However, the Fed has been trying for a while now to brace everyone that rates do eventually go up. Interest rates have been cyclical since the founding of the nation, back when rates were 6% in 1776. You cannot assume that rates will not go up, any more than you can assume they will not go down when they are higher than 0%. So the bottom line is that we all need to get ready for higher rates.

The target is around 2 points

The Fed cannot give a highly detailed analysis, because they are never going to commit to a certain rate on a certain date since economic performance can change the enactment date and size of the increase, but the target that they showed on their slide show is up 1 point in 2016 and up a second point by the end of 2018. That’s not a huge rise, but nevertheless very significant and something that you need to be aware of. Rising rates mean that the interest on your loan will cost more, and cap rates will typically rise in turn.

US Capital Under Constructions

Much more, and the U.S. will collapse

But it’s important to note that the chart showed that the highest they could forecast rates rising until the end of this decade was only one extra point – and that was dubious. For those who endured Reagan’s interest rates that hit 15% (and saved the nation in the process), you have to wonder why the Fed is only seeing 3 points up as the final frontier – and that’s starting from 0%. There’s a simple reason. When Reagan raised the interest rates to the mid-teens, it was at a time in which the U.S. government had $900 billion in debt. Today is has $18 trillion – 20 times more. So, with the U.S. government the largest debtor in the world, it cannot possible afford rates much higher than 3 points. In fact, if rates went up even 6 points, we would probably end up a hunter/gatherer society again, like in the movie Mad Max.

Focus on the spread

It’s a very simple formula to hit a 20% cash-on-cash return. All you need to do is buy at a 3 point “spread” between the cap rate and the interest rate on the RV park you buy. So when interest rates are in jeopardy of increasing, you need to be very mindful of your “spread”. For most RV park transactions, the spread is plenty healthy enough to withstand an increase in interest rates. Many RV parks are being bought with 5 point spreads; the cap rate is 10% and the interest rate on the loan is 5%. But you would never want to be caught buying RV parks at a 5% cap rate when interest rates are at 4% and destined to rise – that would be financial suicide.

Don’t drink be fooled into accepting low cap rates

Despite the potential increase in interest rates, many brokers and sellers will try to convince you that low cap rates are perfectly fine. Nothing could be farther from the truth. If you buy a park at a cap rate that is ultimately lower than the prevailing interest rate on the loan, you will be in huge trouble. Not only will you be having to “feed” the park each month, but you now own an RV park that is worth less than what you paid for it. Never buy into such arguments as “they’re never going to raise rates” because they definitely are. And soon. Not a lot. But enough to make that argument a complete lie.


Charles Evans of the Federal Reserve has gone on record as saying that rates are going to go up. He’s suggested by how much. Don’t argue the fact; work with it. It’s easy to maintain a great spread with an RV park, so you’ll be fine. But be aware that now is not the time to buy RV parks with tiny spreads. Better safe than sorry.

The Best Doghouse An Rv Park Owner Could Ask For

rv doghouse

For the RV park owner who has everything, here’s one thing you need for Christmas this year: an RV doghouse. The Airstream is one of the most desirable RVs ever produced, so why should it not be #1 with the canine customer, as well? Maybe in the future, they’ll add a companion product with the introduction of the dog car to pull it. Given the value of Airstreams, even this small model is not going to be cheap!

RV Park Home Study Course

rv park home study course

Our Home Study Course is not like anything you have ever listened to or read before. We do not fill it with a bunch of fluff on how your are going to make a million bucks with no money down. We tell you the whole story... the good, the bad, and the sometimes ugly.

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In Praise Of Holiday Decorations

RV Christmas Decorations

Even if you are Scrooge when it comes to your tastes in Christmas, it just makes good business sense to decorate for the holidays. People gravitate to festive Christmas decorations – and that’s been true for over a hundred years. The first RV parks began in 1920, and I guarantee you that they were the first to hang the giant, dangerous, holiday bulbs of that era. Not because they loved to do it. Not because they loved the power bill or the endless repairs to keep the lights burning. But because they understood the necessity of maintaining the appearance of Christmas cheer. If your RV park does not have ample decorations right now, shame on you. But don’t worry, Walmart is open 24 hours and they have a whole department of giant inflatables and lights of every color. Go warm up the car, and have some eggnog on the drive over.

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