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August 1st, 2015

Memo From Frank & Dave

If you own an RV park, you are probably enjoying greater occupancy this summer than you have in years. The reason is simple; there are just so many more RVs on the road every day. RV sales continue to surge and RV occupancy is just an algorithm of this increase. So why are RVs selling so well? There are several reasons. First of all, the product is the best it’s ever been aesthetically and operationally. Mileage is up and tackiness is out. Next is the pricing. RV prices are extremely reasonable and affordable. Go to an RV dealer and you’ll find that you will be a bad guesser on prices; most are about half of what you expected. Finally, the 10,000 baby boomers who are retiring each day are equally matched with the expanding young buyers who are seeking a tool for family unit and affordable vacationing. It’s a great time to be in the RV park business.

Why Winston Churchill Would Have Been A Great RV Park Owner

RV Park Winston Churchill

Winston Churchill was one of the iconic British leaders from World War II. He gave confidence to the British people when they were subject to attack at any moment from Nazi Germany. But , with his unique skill set, he would have also been a great RV park owner. And there’s a lesson there for anyone looking to buy an RV park.

Churchill was a great tactician

One of Churchill’s strengths was his ability to come with a winning plan, even given the worst of odds. This is a skill that all RV park buyers must develop. The key to finding a great RV park to buy is deciding what you have to work with (down payment money, time to spend managing the park, etc.) and then pouring as many raw deals as you can through this “sorter”. If you have a realistic plan to buy an RV park – even if you have a limited budget – you can typically find what you want if you process a large enough volume of deals. If you have an unrealistic plan, however, no matter how many deals you look at you’ll never find the right one.

Churchill had tremendous persistence

Churchill declared that, given an attack by the Germans, Britain would “fight on the beaches” and never give up. Good RV park buyers must have this same dedication and persistence. How many great deals would have been lost if the caller gave up on the seller, or talked themselves into missing that meeting because “it’s pointless anyway – he’ll never agree to my price”. The ability to carry on, regardless of the barriers, is what separates those who find great deals from those who never find any. So refuse to give up, and keep making those calls and sending those letters until you find just the right park.

Churchill had the confidence to make big decisions and stick with them

Throughout World War II, Churchill had to make huge decisions and stick with them. He ordered the evacuation of Dunkirk, as well as the launch of the Battle of Britain. He negotiated with Roosevelt to create the Lend/Lease Act that allowed America to supply Britain with weapons on a credit basis. All RV park buyers much also go through the process of making bold decisions and not having second thoughts. When you determine the correct price for an RV park, then you have to not pay more than that amount. When you decide that a deal is a winner, you have to more forward even if those around you doubt your ability to get the job done. All good leaders make educated decisions and then don’t waiver.

Churchill understood the need to relax

One aspect of Churchill that makes him uniquely suited to be an RV park owner was his dedication to the concept of relaxation. He would have loved the RV industry. Churchill spent a large amount of time gardening and painting, and even building masonry walls on his estate. Although RVs really didn’t exist in England in the 1940s, Churchill would have been an ardent supporter of families spending time together in the outdoors.


Although Winston Churchill never set foot in an American RV park, he would have made a very successful RV park investor. Planning, persistence, and confidence will get you far in the RV park business.

Why The CEO Of Zappos Lives In An RV

Tony Hsieh is the CEO of Zappos, the highly successful website devoted to shoes. His net worth is estimated to exceed $840 million. So that’s why many Americans were stunned when it was revealed that he owns and live in an RV park in Las Vegas, Nevada. The New York Times reported that the RV park “is crammed with shiny solver Airstreams that are rented out to visiting computer coders”. The name of the park is Llamapolis, named after his pet Alpaca. Hsieh has dedicated $350 million to revitalize Las Vegas, and this RV park is the first of many innovations he is making towards that cause. But he will not be able to claim the prize as the richest RV park owner in the U.S. That honor goes to billionaire Sam Zell, the owner of mobile home and RV park REIT Equity Lifestyle.

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